Whether it is our addiction to facebook, instagram, or pinterest, our attempt to get healthier by using the latest fitness app, or even by simply sending a text. It is safe to say that we are all guilty of spending a little too much time on our cells and tablets.

We completely understand that we are not able to avoid technology all together, but we can ditch the “zombie walk” and focus on proper posture when using our cells. With proper posture you man even feel a little lighter…. 60 lbs. lighter to be exact 😉

According to a new study in Surgical Technology International, by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj tilting your head forward increases the amount of stress and weight on your spine. The average head weighs 10-12 lbs. in neutral position. He states that “tilting your head forward 15 degrees amounts to 27 lbs., 30 degrees is equivalent to 40 lbs., 45 degrees is 50lbs. of pressure, and a 60 degree tilt amounts to 60 lbs. of pressure on the spine”. To put this in perspective the average 8 year old child weighs 60 lbs.

“Text-neck” is causing patients of all ages to experience neck pain and tension throughout their shoulders, traps, and upper back. Hansraj, suspects that “text-neck” may even lead to early degeneration of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, resulting in surgery over time. Frightening… I know right.

Clearly we are not all going to ditch our cells and tablets…but lets make the effort to use proper posture.

Text Tips:

  • Ears in line with shoulders
  • Chin in neutral position
  • Shoulder blades in neutral position, relaxing the shoulders, broadening the chest
  • Equal weight distribution between your feet
  • Cell phone held up directly in front of your face.