Stretching is just as important as exercise, yet is often forgotten in our busy lives. Yes having a strong body is fundamental, but a limber body is just as essential. Stretching can be very beneficial for our mind and body.

Benefits of Stretching:

  • Lengthen tight muscles, which may be pulling your body out of its natural alignment. There fore, this will improve posture, reduce tension, and pain.
  • Increase blood and nutrients to muscle tissue, which can reduce muscle soreness.
  • Decrease activity based injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
  • Stretching for 10-15 min. can calm the mind and release stress.
  • Attending a 60 min. yoga class can recharge your mind and body, release tension, and detoxify the body.

So its pretty simple, the next time your body tells you its aching, tired, and sore. Listen to your body and STRETCH, because it would be rude not to!

Also, check out our Community Yoga Classes offered throughout Kelowna. They are always a great rate, and often the proceeds go to local non-for profit organizations. They are also ideal for any level of yogi.

Moksha Yoga– Moksha Community Class, Monday & Wednesday 9:00-10:00pm, $7

Lululemon– Sunday 8:30-9:30am, FREE, All- Levels Welcome

Oranj Fitness– Friday 4:30pm, By Donation

Hot Box Yoga– Karma Class, Saturday 2:30-3:30pm, By Donation

Karma Yoga + Fitness– TRX & Yoga Class, Thursday 7:00-8:00pm, By Donation, Proceeds to Feed the Homeless!