I find that I am always encouraging my clients to find a sleeping posture that promotes a neutral spine. However, many of my clients LOVE to sleep on their stomachs. Unfortunately stomach sleeping is the worst… sorry to break it to you guys!

Stomach sleeping causes neck strain, as it creates muscle imbalances and restrictions, which are literally “a pain in the neck”. Stomach sleeping also flattens the natural curvature of your spine leading to lower back pain.

When I stumbled across this article, The Best (and Worst) Sleep Positions, on Greatist.com I really liked that it discussed the Pros and Cons of common sleeping positions. The article also explains how to gradually retrain your body from stomach sleeping to sleeping on your side, by adding pillows. Another point in the article I liked is that sleeping on your back not only promotes a neutral spine position, (which I am always encouraging) but also minimizes wrinkles LOL.

Check out the article The Best (and Worst) Sleep Positions. I think you will find it beneficial and may even catch a few sounder zzz’s.