Why Choose an RMT?

Did you know that in Canada, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Ontario hold the highest standards of professional practice in Massage Therapy?

This means that all of our Registered Massage Therapists complete an extensive 3000hr. Massage Therapy Program and Certified Board Exam, which designates them as Primary Healthcare Practitioners. This also means that they are governed and regulated by the CMTBC to ensure that they deliver safe, ethical, and effective care. For more information about Registered Massage Therapists please visit, www.cmtbc.ca.

Registered Massage Therapists extensive education qualifies them as an expert in manual therapy, injury rehabilitation and prevention. As an integral part of our health care system, MSP, WCB, ICBC, and private insurers cover the cost of Registered Massage Therapy treatment. Please visit our Rates page for more information.


Our Team

We are compassionate team of RMT’s that pride ourselves on sharing our passion for movement, strength, health, and wellness. Meet the team that fuels the patient centered experience at Restore Massage Therapy:

Luke Cockwell, RMT/Owner

Graduating from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2005, Luke immediately immersed himself in his career as an RMT at Life Mark Health. Over the course of his 9 years at Life Mark Health Luke was surrounded by an influential team of successful physiotherapists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, sports med physicians, and sports psychologists that solidified and strengthened his knowledge and techniques in assessment and manual therapy.

Throughout Luke’s 15 year career he has completed a vast range of extensive training focusing on visceral, joint mobilization, cranial sacral, and myofascial therapy. He recently completed a 3 year advanced integrated myofascial release course with Natalie Ray.

Luke’s biggest passion is helping people by sharing his love for health and fitness. His personal goal is to inspire every patient to be the healthiest version of his or her self. Luke opened RESTORE as he wanted to share his vision of personable rehabilitation in a refreshing and beautiful space leaving every patient feeling rejuvenated and physically restored.

When Luke is not in the clinic you’ll find him spending time with his wife Alena, and three sons Avery-Rain, Beckett Hayes and Brixton Cash.

Collin Bishop, RMT

Collin’s motivation as an RMT was brought to life when a loved one was debilitated in an accident. After a drawn out recovery, and still left with chronic pain and limited mobility, it was working with an RMT and physiotherapist that restored their quality of life. Collin made the decision to become an RMT because of the profound impact this had on him and his family. Upon graduating from Vancouver Career College his passion and purpose were confirmed.

His treatments are scientific and outcome oriented with balanced objectivity and empathy. He believes in a well-researched approach to therapy with patients as active participants. Collin’s passion for life long learning leaves him with an expansive range of advanced techniques that contributes to his effective therapy. Together, with his focus and patient’s active involvement in care he wishes to leave every client feeling restored; and seeing physical and over wellness with each treatment.

Kolten Marino, RMT

Kolten was born and raised in Kelowna, where he has always lived an active lifestyle growing up as a competitive gymnast. Throughout the years, he worked with many healthcare professionals as an athlete and realized the importance they hold in our community. These meaningful connections led him to pursue a career where he can focus on helping others with their personal health and wellness.

Kolten graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in the summer of 2020. He approaches each client with an empathic viewpoint and tailors treatments to suit individual needs. He strides to find the route of the problem and encourages clients to be proactive in their recovery. He provides a wide skill set including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial and deep tissue release as well as incorporating stretching, strength, and mobility exercises during and after treatment.

When Kolten is not in the clinic, he will likely be found spending quality time with his friends and family. This includes his desire to be outside, enjoying what the Okanagan has to offer, rock climbing and trail running until the snow hits the ground and the skiing begins.

Taylor Brown, RMT

After graduating from the 3000 hour registered massage therapy program from VCC in Kelowna I successfully passed my BC registration exams and am a full-fledged registered massage therapist in British Columbia. After working at a multi-disciplinary clinic with a team of chiropractors, kinesiologists and RMT’s, I am excited to broaden and further build my experience by applying the same compassionate and patient centered care that I have been providing to the Okanagan community.

Through providing a thorough assessment, I am able to produce an individualized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of the patient’s pain or dysfunction. I use a wide variety of techniques including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations and neuromuscular techniques to facilitate my patient’s return to optimal function and quality of life.

Outside of the clinic you will find me enjoying the beautiful Okanagan outdoors and spending time with my family and friends.

Recently I’ve devolved migraines. Due to the severity and frequency I have to sometimes cancel appointments. If your schedule isn’t flexible with rebooking then I would suggest booking with another therapist.

Lola Cockwell, Pet Therapist

Lola is our very own highly qualified Pet Therapist. She has 7 years of first-“paw” experience in her field. As a caring canine she has the natural ability to ease stress, tension, and pain. Lola takes great pride in greeting every patient as soon as they enter the clinic with love and attention.

You will often find Lola begging for treats and asking to sit on your lap. She enjoys a vigorous massage at the end of her day, which is a perk to being apart of the Restore team. In her spare time you will find her playing fetch and enjoying the Okanagan sunshine.